About the Instructor

Master Officer Gary Carter has been a sworn law enforcement officer for 25 years, starting in 1998. Gary worked for 21 years with the Springville Police Department where he retired with the rank of Sergeant. During his career with Springville Gary served in investigations both as an investigator and as the Sergeant over the investigations division. Gary was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Gary also served in investigations assigned to the Special Victims Unit and later as the supervisor over criminal investigations. Gary served in Community Oriented Policing, and as both a traffic officer, and as a warrant officer apprehending fugitives. During his time as an investigator with Springville Gary investigated and photographed countless crime scenes.

Gary worked 18 months with the Utah Transit Authority Police Department before moving to the Provo Police Department where he is currently employed as a Master Officer. Gary oversees the Radar LiDar program at Provo Police Department, where he also serves as an instructor Radar/LiDar. Gary is also an Autism instructor for the Autism team under the Utah Valley University Center for Autism under Lifeworks. Gary served on the Provo Police Department Crime Scene Team as a photographer.

Gary is currently the owner of his own photography business, Castle Photo Art. Gary has been hired by real estate agencies, interior decorating firms, the Utah Mining Association, the Utah Taxpayer’s Association, and the Utah National Guard for his photography expertise. Gary has photographed numerous engagements, weddings, family photo sessions, school photos, and individual photo sessions. Gary has travelled across the country to take wildlife and landscape photos from Florida to Hawaii. Gary offers his artistic landscape and wildlife prints for sale at castlenatureart.com.

Gary has been a photographer for over seven years and is continuously seeking to improve his skills and expertise through various classes and courses. Gary is currently a member of the Professional Photographers of America, and in the final stages of the certification process to obtain his Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) certificate.

Gary has spent hundreds of hours developing a law enforcement photography course based on both the experience of his twenty five year law enforcement career and his experience as a professional photographer. The course contains information and examples gleaned from Gary’s extensive catalogue of over 80,000 images.

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.” — Lewis Hine


Photography Courses taken by the Instructor:

Professional Photographers of America Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) Course – Instructor Steve Kozak Master Photographer (CPP)

Fundamentals of Photography – Instructor John Greengo
Canon Lenses: The Complete Guide – Instructor John Greengo
Mastering Long Exposure Photography – Instructor Matt Kloskoski
Studio Lighting 101 – Instructor Lindsay Adler
Speedlights 101 – Instructor Mark Wallace
Real Estate and Architectural Photography – Instructor Mike Kelley
How to get Started in Nature Photography – Instructor John Greengo
Nature and Landscape Photography – Instructor John Greengo
The Art of Wildlife Photography – Instructor Tom Mangelsen
The Art of Nature Photography – Instructor Art Wolfe
Wedding Photography: Capturing the Story – Instructors Rocco Ancora, Ryan Schembri
Posing 101 – Instructor Lindsay Adler
Practical Adobe Photoshop Basics – Instructor Khara Plicanic
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Complete Guide – Instructor Ben Willmore
How to Use and Build Lightroom Presets – Instructor Pye Jirsa
Canon EOS 80D The Complete Guide – Instructor John Greengo
Canon EOS 5DMkIV The Complete Guide – Instructor John Greengo
Canon EOS R5 The Complete Guide – Instructor John Greengo

Law Enforcement Courses taken and Experience
by the Instructor:

DRE School – Utah Highway Patrol 

Patrol Bike School – POST

Mobile Crime Scene Academy – Instructor Steve McGibbons

Statement Analysis – Instructor Mike O’Kelley

Internal Investigations Course – POST

Advance Officer Course – POST

Senior Officer Course – Provo PD

Advance Traffic Accident Investigations – POST

Instructor Development – POST

First Line Supervisor – POST

Homicide School – UCPower

Countless training and conferences associated with crimes against children, and other special victim investigations.

Autism Training Instructor – Lifeworks

Radar / LiDar Instructor – Utah Highway Patrol

Interview and Interrogation – POST

Police Sergeant (10 years)

Police Corporal (7 years)

Investigations (7 Years)