“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” – Elliott Erwitt

Unlock your full potential as an effective crime scene photgrapher...


See a scene through new eyes

Photographers see things differently. Seeing how a photographer sees, and thinking like a photographer thinks will put any crime scene in a new light, improving the ease, quality and useability of images captured at a scene.


Learn for a lifetime

Photography can be complex and if taught poorly the skills are quickly forgotten. Delving into the fundamentals to gain a true understanding of how and why things work will ensure the skills learned can be retained beyond the classroom and into a working environment.


Confidence in the Courtroom

Can an evidence photo be edited? What is and isn't acceptable? What can cause a photograph to be challenged in court? Case law and how to meet any challenge posed are addressed to help any crime scene photographer feel confident in a courtroom setting.

Learning Style


Hands On

Students will learn their camera settings and how to best use their cameras with hands on practical exercises designed to build confidence in the new techniques they've learned. Using these new skills will enhance the quality of the photographs students will take at future crime scenes.


The course has been designed with the visual leaner in mind with beautiful illustrations, animations and videos to help students fully understand the concepts they are learning. Each concept is further reinforced with sample photographs to demonstrate both good and bad examples.


Photography concepts are explained thoroughly, with both how and why. Understanding a concept is important, but understanding why is equally valuable. Students will understand photography at a level not covered by other courses. Case law, court admissibility, and the proper way to edit photos will be explained in detail.

Course curriculum

The crime scene photography course has been designed with both the beginner and experienced student in mind. The course teaches photography basics and then moves to advanced techniques. Once that foundation has been mastered the students will learn crime scene specific methods of photography. 

What others have said about this course...

Castle Photo Art-0453
“...Professional and entertaining at the same time.”
Beth Anne M.
Castle Photo Art-2
“I had never had the experience of doing anything like this previously, so didn't know what to expect. Gary immediately put me at ease. I felt very comfortable with all his suggestions, and it really helped that they were easy to understand and follow.”
Karl D.
“...the course is taught from a place of knowledge with personal experiences which really drew me in and kept me interested.”
Ofc. H. Sivley

“Not everybody trusts paintings, but people believe photographs” - Ansel Adams